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who I am and what I live for and about takes me on many roads. But that is a good thing. I was recently hired as a Wordpress Theme developer on a quick project but this group only hired me for that so they can get my hourly rate down. The first and only project they really wanted is to design and program an App for a android device. because that group has a wordpress site they needed a link on the page. This link was to Get the App but that was not yet even started. So I would not shy away from any type of work I took it on.

the App was to allow this device to scan a bar code and upload the results. Sound simple enough. But this did get more complex based on how people do not know how to scope out a project.

Let's speed up this page a little...
They wanted in the end an app like how UPS has it. Delivery man drops off a package and scans the bar code
Then gets a customer signature and submits this as package delivered. But this does not exist especially for the device they purchased. The documentation for the hardware of this device is not well documented either so the challenges started there not to even mention I had ZERO Android experience to start.

About three weeks later the product was delivered and functional and what I learn in that was incredible and I started to mess around with Android Studio to develop a dozen apps for my own little cell phone..
I am not much interested in going Deep into that so I can do IOS or further in android then I did ... Of course if the right people come along and right pay I am all in it I have just been into so many things I am just happy to say I built out a full app and was paid for it at this time and while I was teaching myself I wound up with a slick little toy for my cell to check mail - SMS - and Internet.

I know what your thinking ... why not just sell or enhance it more to be sold. Well that answer is pretty simple. You see there are so many variables at play here with Android vers IOS I would first need to make sure it could available for both then I need to address each OS it sits on as well as maintain it... and I am happy with all the other things I have going on I may or may not do just that ... Without a Paycheck while I do it It simply becomes something I can play around and work on over time...

I guess Lets just leave it to the guys whom are Just starting off in the filed that have 25 years to give ... Me I only have another 5 to 15 years I want to be in coding ..

Fact is my one buddy is seriously in shock I am still getting my hands dirty in code when I should be in management ... Simply put ... Some smaller companies NEED someone like me to come in and manage the Smaller teams while I do as much coding as I can ... In most cases I am the Only IT they have when I walk in the door ...


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