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Database Technology

Data Turns me on

I was first introduced to database back in 1996 by the President of NJOUG "New Jersey Oracle User Group
I had always played around in MySql for years but this was my first paid database jobs. At first I was taught how to tune and realing a database for M&Ms. I was on a contract to Realign the database each week for the forescasting group.

I soon went to a conference in NYC and met Larry Ellison. At first I saw him as a cool guy then he started talking to me and I could not help to think , hey this guy know is stuff he must do some things in Oracle like build out functions and procedures. Mr. Nick, My mentor and President of NJOUG pulled me aside and whispered in my ear to not get to excited while talking to him. I looked at him and said. What? who is he? he smiply said oh you dont know then I will tell you later.

Treatment Centers

Sample database

Database MySql using php around the Haversine Therory I put together this sample application

Fill in a Zipcode and Select a distance in miles
I have over 25,000 Treatment centers locatted in the USA

Public Schools

Sample database

This database is for public schools

Fill in a Zipcode and Select a distance in miles