Putting the power and knowledge back into your hands.
Know the Question and Whom to ask Gives you the Power and knowledge over Everyone else.

If you have Mastered One thing, then others will always ask you about that one mastered craft, and you can give the right answer.

But if you know all the Masters and what to ask then you become The Master of All

Our vision is to help you Find out Whom to ask - What to ask - When to ask


Branding is very important step. Brand awareness - we can help you focus in how to Brand how to and help keep everyone's focus on your brand
If you are launching a new brand or revising an existing one. To simply understand where you are in awareness is a critical step. We can you find out where you are now and where your focus should be. We can bring the awareness to focus so others know who you are and where you are going


We have been around over 20 years and helped in not only customers succeed but help develop some of the basic structures you use every day.

Everyone has a Business structure and rules around their specific business - to listen to your rules and understand your structure is a special talent we possess to help  address your needs and wants. 

Bringing  a better understanding to your business rules, helping your customers and others to see the bigger picture without letting them know your "special sauce" in achieving success. 



 We are building a team of Masters other sites offer a bidding system you post a job and anyone whom pays can bid on your project.
This has several flaws as we see it

  • you are getting a program whom thinks they can can do "many cant or they would be working for us"
  • many the programmers / designers are from various countries "This is not exactly a bad thing but often they are working while you are sleeping when you awake if they were going in another direction because they had not understood your direction you have to wait until the next day before you get a response " TIME can be an issue
  • you are responsible for knowing what you want "Lets face it most site owners know what they want but are not aware of how to achieve it or explain it the way a programmer can see it"

How we differ

  • our project managers work on your project with you "even if the program or design team work after hours we ensure we are in contact with them on the hours they work to ensure the path is going the direction you are"
  • we test our programmers and designers before we hire them on various teams "This ensures us we have the right people in place for you"
  • we to do charge the programs to bid but we allow you to select the teams you want "Our team members find your project and IF they are available the next few weeks they can send you the portfolio they have. This is sop they are not doubled up in work and do not have time to perform the task
  • We are here for you " When the site is completed we can train you to take over or offer on going support you project is done when you say it's done not when we complete the one task of a basic design. This will ensure your success as we design / build / train / and support "
  • We Don't Stop There "Now your site is done or you have an existing structure you still need Brand Awareness and SEO or you will not have any visits. We continue your success by exploring search engine crawl / Social network branding to helping you promote in various avenues"


Everyone has success inside them how you deliver the thoughts will show us whom is most successful.